When it comes to rolling marking, finding high quality products available on the market is a rather complex operation. In fact, these are machines that must respect precise parameters and must ensure the achievement of the final goal. In this sense, the best solution is to turn to one of the companies that has been working in the industry in an impeccable manner.

Automator rolling marker is the right answer to a specific need

Capable of guaranteeing practically perfect marking, these products place the client in the position of being able to make a choice with relation to specific needs. Thanks to certain technical features, the Automator rolling markers allow you to perform all your desired operations with the fullest of confidence.

The vanguard of a leading company such as Automator has made possible to manufacture machines that, in terms of rolling markings, are the most reliable. It is no coincidence that there are different types: manual, electric, rolling, electric rolling, and electro-pneumatic rolling and – for rolling engravings of very large diameters – a horizontal version.

Customized Rolling marking? With Automator you can

With models that are ideal for marking diameters of any shape and dimension, even hexagonal bars or continuous pipes, you can obtain perfect and quick marking, without any roundness or cracking. By using some accessories, moreover, it is possible to customize the entire rolling engraving with interchangeable character numbering heads, supports for cave pieces and extendable supports for different spaces.


MB41E - Small diameters

Roll marking machine for small diameters, up to 65 mm

(LxWxH) 600x600x1090 mm


MB41N - Small diameters

Manual roll marking machine for small diameters, up to 65 mm

295x300x240 mm



Rolling machine for marking in continuous

(LxHxP) 340x830x310 mm


MB71E - Medium diameters

Electric rolling marking machine, up to 110 mm diameter

(LxHxW) 360X500X1020 mm


MB71EP - Medium diameters

Elettro-pneumatic rolling marking machine, up to 110 mm diameter

(LxHxW) 600x600x1730 mm


MB71N - Medium diameters

Manual rolling marking machine, up to 110 mm diameter

(LxWxH) 340x310x830 mm



Rolling unit for marking

(LxHxW) 560x400x450 mm



Rolling machine for marking big diameteers

730x1785x650 mm



Rolling marking machine

530x1170x1000 mm