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If you are looking for a foolproof method for easily engraving on different types of material, electrolytic marking is the most efficient solution, since it can guarantee a permanent and personal impression. Be wary of imitations and buy from industry leading retailers like Automator.  

Automator offers the kit you are looking for!

Inserted in a practical case, Automator’s electrolytic engraving products are complete, since they contain a marking punch, 100 stencils, marking liquids and a contact plate. With power ranging from 30 to 60 VA, electrolytic markings produce results that are resistant to water, acids and abrasion.

This is a direct and low-cost marking system, capable, moreover, of preserving the integrity of the engraved piece that, in this manner, does not undergo stress from deformation, structure alteration or thermal damage. With the E1030 and E1250 - the essential low-cost kit and high-contrast marking respectively – you can obtain extremely precise electrolytic engravings that are durable and with no raw edges.

Automator, electrolytic marking at hand

The offering of Automator experts truly allows everyone to test the effectiveness of electrolytic markers. The number of available stencils, moreover, allows you to create fully original engravings. In this regard, Automator, in addition to what is described, offers you bench or PC-connected labeling machines, so as to easily and quickly create stencils that are always new


The essential kit



Good looking marking with contrast