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One of the fastest and most silent methods for marking on metals and plastics is definitely scribe marking. If you are looking for high quality scribe marker, you are in the right place. Automator, as a specialized company in the industry, provides products that are difficult to find in the industrial marking sector.

Cutting-edge scribe markers, only on Automator!

This is a type of technology that guarantees continuous line marking, even on more difficult and resistant materials. But there’s more. Automator has also designed a new piston that can push the punch to a depth that ensures an excellent final result. Using specially created software, it is possible to determine the shape, size and position of the engraved characters.

A large marking area in a very light and compact technological unit. This is the secret of Automator, a company that has been operating for over 50 years with passion and professionalism in the industrial marking sector.

Automator: Scribe marking and more

In addition to providing professional industrial scribe markers for any type of need such as compact scribe marker, Automator allows you to purchase a universal control that is capable of managing all marking machines, from the pneumatic ones to the electric ones, including the scribe ones. If you need extremely precise and safe scribe markings, all you need to do is take a look at Automator’s offering and to search for the product that suits your needs.


AC 500 NEW

Lighter, stronger, smarter

229x19x106 mm   -   9x0,75x4,17 inches

7,0" touch screen


ASM40150 - Scribe Marking

Marking area 40x150 mm

Head 360x204,5x200mm - Controller AC500 229x191x106mm


ASM6090 - Metal Mark, engraving steel

Automator sells the ultimate solutions for silent and fast marking on metal and plastics. Especially it produces tools to engraving on steel.