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If you’re looking for a hot markings machines that can ensure high quality performance, put your trust in those you can provide a concrete answer to your needs, to those who can guide you in the choice of equipment suited to your final goal. Whether it be pneumatic or manual equipment, there is only one industry expert that can offer you efficient industrial products.

Automator, the leader in hot marking production

Equipped with a precision thermostat that can regulate the temperature with relation to the time and marking material, Automator hot marking machine is also suitable for dry and color marking, via a mechanism that uses the insertion of a colored nylon ribbon between the piece and the marking head.

A double-effect piston for handling of the hot marking mechanism and the automatic advance ribbon complete the equipment. These described are just some of the features of the hot marker by Automator that, especially in recent years, has been able to adapt to technological changes and has invested in research and development.

Automator: 360-degree hot marking

In addition to the hot marking machines for materials such as leather, plastic and wood, there are many other tools that make Automator’s offering complete and attentive with regards to every single user request like manual hot marking machine. Automatic numbering heads for marking progressive numbers, numbering heads with levers for manual marking, steel typeholders and pneumatic safety systems are just some of the examples that demonstrate the uniqueness of Automator in the field of hot markers.  


MB20E - Wood Engraving Machine - Manual

The wood engraving machine produced by Automator is a manual hot marking machine ideal also for materals such as leather, plastic, paper and fabric.

Length 205 x Height 650 x 309 mm



Pneumatic hot marking machine

208x600x355 mm


MB21EU - Hot foil marking for integration

Hot marking unit

Length 435 x Heigth 250 x Width 475 mm